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Refinancing Student Loans with Sofi

refinancing student loan with sofi

SoFi was founded in 2011, when four graduates from Stanford Graduate School of Business committed to helping people pay down their student debts in a timely manner. Their dedication to lowering customers’ student debt payments have made them one of…

LendKey Student Loan Refinancing Review

lendkey student loan refinancing

Founded a decade ago, LendKey’s objective is to revolutionize the lending industry by providing an online lending platform for the thousands of community banks and financial institutions located across the United States. The company offers customers a lending marketplace for…

Common Bond Student Loan Refinancing Review

common bond student loan refinancing review

CommonBond was founded in 2012 by University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School MBA graduates David Klein, Michael Taormina, and Jessup Shean. Due to the founders’ commitment to their customers, CommonBond grew to a national brand in just one year and has…

Laurel Road Student Loan Refinancing Review

laurel road student loan refinancing review

Laurel Road, a Division of Darien Rowayton Bank, was founded in 2006. The bank, based out of Connecticut, has expanded out of its original location to offer nationwide services thanks to their ongoing efforts to create a strong online presence.…

Refinancing Student Loan With Earnest

refinancing student loan with earnest

Founded in 2013, Earnest is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by Maveron, Andreessen Horowitz, Atlas Venture, Mohr Davidow Ventures, First Round Capital and others. Founded on the belief that financially responsible people deserve better options and access to credit,…

MEFA Student Loan Refinancing [Review]

student loan guide

MEFA (which stands for the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority) helps Massachusetts families plan and save for education expenses, but also offers student loan refinancing to borrowers across the country.  Unlike some refinancing lenders who focus on the benefit of saving…